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A magnificent major work based on the German chorale 'Was Lebet' (O worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness). The piece is made up of five contrasting variations. A majestic, fanfare-like section opens the work, leading into a giocoso classical-style variation. The beautiful Variation 2 is reflective and plaintive, while the next variation is somewhat quirky and volatile in nature. There is a French romantic feel to Variation 4, with a playful waltz providing scope for various soloists around the band to display their musicianship. Variation 5 is fugal in nature, with each section of the band being handed the theme at various points. The sense of motion builds gradually to a grandiose presentation of the theme, the first time that it is heard in its full form, bringing the work to a thrilling, majestic conclusion. 

Includes full score and parts. Once payment is made, PDF will be emailed to you within 24 hours.

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Length: 12 mins  Difficulty Level: 5*

*Difficulty levels 1-5, 1 easiest, 5 hardest

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